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Art, Technology, and Humanity


I strongly believe that design and technology can change the world. We are entering a new age where anyone with a good idea has the capacity to create, to be an inventor. The explosion of Web App development allows for rapid prototyping and the creation of communication products that are audience-centric and that create a needed service. The capacity to create art and memes to be launched on a global scale has placed a unique power in the artist. Companies of all sizes are seeking new ways to interact and communicate in this relatively new online medium.  Nascent technologies like Google Glass and Oculus Rift allow for immersive digital experiences, tapping into the richness of information of the internet and the development of faster and smaller hardware allows for greater portability and effectiveness. Emerging technologies such as Emoitv Brain-Computer Interface allows for the tracking of audience emotional states and rapid cognition. In the middle of all this, you need the artist, the creative thinker, to discover inventive applications. Over the next few pages, I’d like to take you through some of my explorations into these subjects and how I’ve utilized this belief throughout my work.


PHOTO : Taken in the Mission District San Francisco 

STEM + Education Projects

I think it’s extremely important for artists and creative people to pay respect to their mentors and teachers by continuing the tradition of passing knowledge to the next generation.

During my early career within the educational corridors of Cornell University and Princeton Universtiy that instilled in me a passion for creating instructional content. Having left education design to work in advertising I always carried with me the desire to design things that people could grow and learn from.



PHOTO: Me showing one of my Creative Tech Works students how to operate the Emotiv EEG headset.  

Books + Brands

Creating my own brands and services has helped understand my clients better.

Nothing helped me to understand what my clients were going through, launching their businesses, more than launching a few of my own. In fact, I don’t think it’s healthy for any professional creative not to have and maintain independent projects. By working on your own brands you keep your mind sharp and are in a greater position to recognize the potential challenges that your clients and partners face in this new digital-first climate.



PHOTO: Taken at the release party for my Hopalong Camanshii graphic novel. 

Press / Interviews

Anytime someone cares about what I say or do I’m genuinely surprised and humbled.

Sometimes people pull me aside to get my thoughts about various things including design, comic books, life, fatherhood and life in general. Despite what people close to me may think I indeed do not like hearing the sound of my own voice. 



PHOTO: Me being interviewed during the release party for Hopalong Camanshii


A collection of videos that I created (or co-produced) that I’m quite fond of. 

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