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My name is Anthony Tyrone Howard and I’ve been creating visual art & creative Technology for two decades.

I’m dedicated to solving business and creative problems using a combination of digital and traditional tools.

I’m a visual problem-solver, business designer, and creative technologist. I help companies and organizations transform their ideas into influential products and services. I have years of diverse experience. I started my career as a Flash animator but over the past 20 years, I’ve worked within the realms of online education, commercial advertising, branding design, interactive development, pharmaceutical marketing, STEM program development, graphic novel illustration, and game design.

I understand the power of data and the potential impact of emerging technology in marketing, media, and education. For the past several years I’ve dedicated my time to working with communities to bring technology into the classroom. I co-founded Creative Tech Works™ in North Philadelphia, a STEM program whose mission was to produce socially conscious, diverse tech talent. Our partners included Google and The School District of Philadelphia. I wrote the programs’ curriculum and developed several demonstrations and events, including an interactive race through the city, using apps and wearable tech created by the students of the program. I believe humanity has only scratched the surface of how integrated communication technologies, paired with passion and artistic instinct, can transform how we tell stories. I seek to create stories that can connect brands, organizations, and individuals with audiences in increasingly meaningful ways.

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My Clients

I’ve worked with several notable brands. 

I’m dedicated to solving business and creative problems using a combination of digital and traditional tools. My goal is to help established and emerging businesses grow, launch successful products and have a positive impact in their communities. 

Press / Interviews

Anytime someone cares about what I say or do I’m genuinely surprised and humbled.

Sometimes people pull me aside to get my thoughts about various things including design, comic books, life, fatherhood and life in general. Despite what people close to me may think I indeed do not like hearing the sound of my own voice. 



PHOTO: Me being interviewed during the release party for Hopalong Camanshii