When Oliver Speaks! | Anthony Tyrone Howard
“When Oliver Speaks” is a story of an underdog who learns to rise, as Oliver is a person who stutters. And, unfortunately, he is faced with the challenge of not only speaking but overcoming the anxiety associated with being a person who stutters. Often times he is faced with ridicule which causes him to retreat from those situations that require him to speak. It is only after Mrs. Bakersfield telephones his mother, that he is forced to not only disclose the secret he’s been hiding, but he is also compelled through the unconditional love of his mother and practicalities of life to not overcome his challenges but to embrace them.
Web, design, tech, stem
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Book Illustration + Design

When Oliver Speaks!

Manga Studio EX / Adobe Illustrator / Adobe inDesign


A heartfelt story about a young boy who struggles to overcome his stutter while finding the courage to accept it, When Oliver Speaks, is the story of an underdog who learns to rise. The story comes from a place of personal experience in that co-author Saadiq is a person who stutters and has done so for as long as he could speak.



Graphic Design/Branding, Illustration